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4 Questions Answered About Big Island Hawaii Crowds

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Big Island Hawaii is a destination that captivates the hearts of many. With its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, it’s easy to fall in love. However, tourists often overlook a wealth of hidden spots. In this blog, we’ll venture beyond the usual attractions and crowds. Additionally, we will unveil the lesser-known treasures.

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4 Q&A’s About Crowds in Big Island Hawaii

1. Is the Big Island crowded?

While it attracts many visitors, it’s less packed than other places like Kauai. The reason? The Big Island is vast. With fewer people living there, it has more space. Therefore, it gives tourists more room to explore.

2. Is getting off the beaten path possible on the Big Island?

Timing is everything. Choose off-peak seasons. And you’ll feel like the island rolled out its green carpet just for you. For those iconic spots? Try visiting in the early morning or late afternoon.

3. What are some off-the-beaten-path places to visit on the Big Island?

The Big Island of Hawaii is brimming with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Below is a curated list of some lesser-known gems that we adore.

  • Hamakua Heritage Corridor: A scenic drive through rainforests, waterfalls, and the coastline.
  • Pololu Valley Overlook: Offers views of the coastline and valley.
  • Kaumana Caves Park: Features two lava tubes to explore and learn about volcanic history.
  • King’s Trail: An ancient trail used by royalty. Hike to see petroglyphs and cultural sites.
  • Kiholo Bay: A bay with sea turtles and ancient fishponds.
  • Nāhuku (Thurston Lava Tube): A lava tube to explore, showcasing the island’s volcanic past.
  • Kapoho-Kalapana Road: A drive with hidden spots like swings, sea arches, and lava fields.

4. Is O’ahu Crowded?

O’ahu draws countless tourists yearly. Making places like Honolulu especially busy. However, O’ahu offers quieter experiences too. Discover its hidden treasures. Enjoy secluded rainforests, waterfalls, and North Shore beaches. Also, venture beyond Honolulu for serene spots. Lastly, consider traveling during off-peak times for a calmer visit.

Here are some fun off-the-beaten-path things to explore in O’ahu:

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