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4 Hawaii Hidden Gems You Need to Know About

4 Hawaii Hidden Gems You Need to Know About

4 Hawaii Hidden Gems You Need to Know About

With Hawaii being a state comprised of several tropical islands, it’s no surprise that it’s full of hidden gems. When you travel off the beaten path in Hawaii, some hidden gems you might discover include mystical caves, statues honoring a religion based on aliens, and quiet beaches. Read on to find some of the most fascinating, yet obscure places in the United States. But, before you begin your journey make sure to use our complimentary Vacation Guide to Oahu and the Big Island. We’ve crafted together a list of our favorite places to wine, dine, shop, and explore on our beautiful islands!

Hawaii Hidden Gems You Need to Discover

1. Kaumana Lava Tubes | Big Island

The Kaumana Lava Tubes are a hidden gem that most tourists don’t know about. These lava tubes are tunnels that used to have molten lava pulsing through them. You can explore these caves and tunnels without a tour guide. Just make sure to be careful of the jagged walls!

2. Raëlian UFO Peace Park | Big Island

Do you ever wonder if aliens exist? You may be interested in seeing this unusual park on the Big Island. Raëlian UFO Peace Park is an attraction that recognizes the beliefs of Raëlianism, an alternative religion. They follow the concept that living things on Earth stem from an alien species. When you discover this unique part of the island, you’ll catch a glimpse of some fascinating statues throughout.

3. Kawela Bay | Oahu

Looking for an intimate, secluded beach on Oahu? One stunning beach you should visit is Kawela Bay on the North Shore. This quiet beach is a lesser-known beach, and the waves are usually calm, making it perfect for a relaxing beach day. Explore the area, and you’re sure to feel like you’re in a fairytale. Towering banyan trees reach towards the sky, adding a touch of mystery to this hidden gem.

4. Sanju Pagoda | Oahu

You can stand beside a 119-foot magnificent structure when you visit Sanju Pagoda in Honolulu Memorial Park. The captivating structure is a replica of Minami Hoke-ji Temple in Japan. It’s also one of the tallest temples in the United States, standing tall with three stories! It’s definitely a stunning sight to see!

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4 Hawaii Hidden Gems You Need to Know About

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